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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Everyone needs a healthy lymphatic system to help eliminate waste and prevent illness.  
In our daily lives we are constantly bombarded with pollution, toxins and stress, and these inevitably take their toll.  Manual Lymphatic Drainage is gentle but the overall effect is cleansing and surprisingly relaxing.  Regular treatment combined with a sensible diet and exercise programme would make a considerable difference to health, fitness and general well-being. 

Lymphatic Drainage is an extremely gentle form of massage which helps to boost the immune system to help fight infections, recurring colds, flu and bronchitis as well as more serious conditions such as glandular fever, Hodgkin's disease and lymphoedema. This treatment can help with constipation, inflammation, lethargy, bloating, cellulite, allergies, skin conditions, water retention, muscular aches and depression.  It is often used in the first few days after a sports injury to reduce any inflammation and swelling.

Treatments are usually administered over dry skin and no oil is used.  However, if the skin is
too dry it may be better to use some cream to prevent  any drag.  This is one of the few treatments that can be administered daily.  Treatments can be administered at one of our clinics in Twickenham or Feltham, West London and may last 60 to 90 minutes.  Clients that want a full body treatment should allow for a 90 minute session as the techniques need to be performed very slowly.
Treatments at our Twickenham or Feltham clinics 60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes
Lymphatic Drainage Massage £60 £90 £120
Lymphatic Drainage Massage in your home £95 £140 £190

Cancer Patients

This is a great treatment to use on cancer patients as it can help to boost white blood cell count before the next chemotherapy session as well as reduce swelling of limbs when
lymph nodes have been removed.
 By boosting the immune system, lymphatic drainage
can help clients to recover more quickly, enabling the body to fight cancer cells and other pathogens.  Clients often report renewed energy after having weekly 30 minute sessions for a few months. We only offer shorter treatments at our clinics in West London.  If we come to your home, the minimum session time will be for 60 minutes.
Cancer Treatments at our clinics
in Twickenham / Feltham
30 minutes 60 minutes Home Treatments
(60 minutes minimum)
Aromatherapy £30 £60 £95
Lymphatic Drainage £30 £60 £95
Reflexology £30 £60 £95
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