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Life Coaching

People go through many changes in their lifetime. However, for some people, effecting a change can be a painful experience due to the barriers that prevent a change from happening. Talking to a coach on a regular basis, either in person, or on the telephone, can help you to think and speak openly about options in order to create an ideal environment for positive action to take place. Life coaching can be challenging and is non-judgemental. It helps you to develop yourself whilst not imposing or being prescriptive.

Coaching is a holistic practice because it looks at the client’s present circumstances and goals are set to make positive changes happen. It is not counselling or mentoring. A Life Coach will look at a client’s health, work situation, financial concerns and any relationship issues in order to ascertain which barriers are preventing the change from taking place. Coaching can be tailored to suit your individual needs or within a business environment. Due to the versatility of Life Coaching, our clients can have sessions at work or at home and can be based in any country.

A course of 2 sessions a month for a period of 6 months is required in order to track your journey as every session is different. Each session lasts an hour and you simply phone the coach at a mutually convenient time.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Almost everything we do is a reaction based on previous emotional experiences. The choices you make and the actions you take will be defined by past experiences based on your emotions. By clearing these emotions from within your body you will be able to enjoy new experiences. So if you have any fears or phobias, want to stop smoking or feeling angry and resentment, you can now change your emotions by having a session in EFT. More than one session may be needed depending on how deeply held the emotions are. Why not combine EFT with Life Coaching to remove limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving ahead with your goals?

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