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Emotional Freedom Technique 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a therapy that teaches you various tapping techniques in a particular sequence, which you administer to different parts of your body, following various meridian lines or acupressure points, whilst saying specific positive statements to free you from limiting beliefs. 

Almost everything you do is a reaction based on previous emotional experiences.  The choices you make and the actions you take will be defined by past experiences based on your emotions. By clearing these emotions from within your body you will be able to enjoy new experiences. So if you have any fears or phobias, want to stop smoking or have feelings of anger and resentment, you can now change your emotions to your issue by having a session of Emotiional Freedom Technique.  

This therapy may help you identify stressful triggers so by altering existing thoughts and emotions you will be able to collapse negative beliefs.  Once learnt it may be possible to carry on administering the techniques at home to continue to gain benefit.

All sessions are 50 minutes in duration and take place either face to face at our clinics in Twickenham and Feltham in West London or by phone/skype. We may also be able to come to your workplace.  More than one session may be needed depending on how deeply held the emotions are.  

If you are interested in stopping smoking, taking drugs, drinking alcohol, overeating or have other addictions, it may be advisable to have an initial course of 6 sessions to manage progress and identify deeply held limiting beliefs that may not be in your awareness until you are half way through your course.

Why not combine EFT with Life Coaching to remove limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving ahead with your goals.
Emotional Freedom Technique   (60 – 90 minutes) Session Duration Adults
Telephone / Skype 60 mins £40
90 mins £65
Face to Face Twickenham / Feltham Clinics 60 mins £60
90 mins £85
Home 60 mins £95
90 mins £120
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