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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a deep and invigorating massage to help reduce stress and soothe aching muscles.  It is the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes by using varying degrees of pressure and stretching movements.  This is often carried out by practitioners using their knuckles, forearms and elbows to apply slightly deeper pressure directly into tight muscles in order to reduce knots and relax them.

This treatment is not as effective as sports massage to help with injuries and practitioners may not have the qualifications or experience to help with something more serious. Chronic tension may take time to work through, as it may have built up over a long period of time and muscles may be too tight in the initial stages for practiitoners to work too deeply, due to the pain that clients may be in.  It is therefore better to slowly break down tight muscles and make them more supple as this will give clients longer term results.

Whilst it can be administered as a full body treatment, this is not advisable as there may be some muscle soreness after the treatment.  It is much better to focus on specific areas of the body that are causing problems, such as the back or the legs, to try and identify what may be the cause of the underlying symptoms.

Treatments will usually take place at our clinics in West London.  Clients generally have sessions lasting 60, 90 or 120 minutes depending on what issues they have.  It is important to have regular treatments either weekly or fortnightly to reduce the stress on the body.  We may also be able to offer sessions at your workplace

Deep Tissue Massage 60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes
  Treatment at our Twickenham or Ealing clinics £80 £130 £180
  Treatment in your home £100 £150 £200
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