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Oil Based Holistic Massage Therapies


Holistic / Deep Tissue / Swedish Massage 

This is a deep and invigorating massage to help reduce stress and soothe aching muscles. It is the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes by using varying degrees of pressure and stretching movements. It can help to speed up the body’s systems by vigorous stimulation, or it can help calm the nerves enabling the client to relax and go to sleep. It is most commonly used for relaxation and improving well-being. In order to maintain the effects of a Holistic / Deep Tissue Massage, clients should consider taking a course of treatments.

Pregnancy Massage

This is a holistic massage adapted by specially trained practitioners to treat expectant mothers. It involves the use of special techniques and positions that are safe comfortable during pregnancy. Pregancy Massage can be used to reduce swelling in hands and feet, ease aching backs and legs, reduce stress, relieve anxiety and tension and induce a state of relaxation. Why not buy a gift voucher as an ideal Baby Shower present.


This is a more gentle massage using essential oils to improve physical and emotional well-being. There are many essential oils, each having its own therapeutic properties and the range of benefits and effects of an Aromatherapy Massage is wide ranging. The blending of essential oils is an art which requires a good working knowledge of the effects, characteristics and therapeutic properties of the oils.

Whilst Aromatherapy Massage uses many of the techniques used during Holistic Massage, it is less vigorous and is usually performed more slowly. It also includes specialised techniques such as attention to pressure points and lymphatic drainage. Cancer patients can benefit by having essential oils specially blended to suit their ailments. In order to achieve long term benefits, a course of treatments should be taken.

Sports / Remedial Massage

Sports / Remedial Massage is not just for the sports person suffering from sports-related injuries. It can also be used to treat people that work in physically demanding jobs or have poor posture.

It is a deep, intense treatment used to help alleviate the stress and tension which builds up in muscles during physical exertion. It is based on traditional Holistic Massage but also incorporates a number of other techniques including stretching and trigger point response. It benefits the client by preventing injuries and minimising post-event injuries by speeding up healing and reducing swelling and discomfort due to over-exertion or over-use of muscles. For sports people, it can be used pre-event, during event, post event or as part of a rehabilitation programme.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This is an extremely gentle form of massage which helps to boost the immune system to help fight infections, recurring colds, flu and bronchitis as well as more serious conditions such as glandular fever, Hodgkin's disease and lymphoedema. It can help with lethargy, constipation, bloating, cellulite, water conditions, allergies, skin conditions, muscle aches and depression.

Everyone needs a healthy lymphatic system to help eliminate waste and prevent illness. In our daily lives we are constantly bombarded with pollution, toxins and stress, and these inevitably take their toll. Manual Lymphatic Drainage is gentle but the overall effect is cleansing and surprisingly relaxing. Regular treatment combined with a sensible diet and exercise programme would make a considerable difference to health, fitness and general well-being. This is a great treatment to use on cancer patients.
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