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Counselling / Psychotherapy Supervision including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Supervision is a way for counsellors and psychotherapists to review their work professionally with another more experienced counsellor or psychotherapist.  This work may include discussing issues they are experiencing with specific clients as well as reflecting on professional and personal development. 

We have accredited supervisors that can offer one to one or group supervision in English and Gujarati.   We support, educate and facilitate processes that supervisees bring to sessions by encouraging them to reflect on what may be going on in specific sessions, with clients or their work.  This enables them to learn from the experience and work ethically, safely and effectively.  We are able to work with trainees and qualified practitioners from different modalities as we have an integrative approach.  We specialise in working culturally using a holisitic approach as well as working with psychological trauma.  We have experience in working with adults, couples, families and young people and can therefore support supervisees working with these client groups both short and long term.

Supervision can be carried out face to face at our clinic in Twickenham, West London or by phone or Skype.  The BACP guidelines state that practitioners must receive a minimum of 1.5 hours supervision per month.  For experienced practitioners, both the BACP and the UKCP recognise that the amount of supervision you need also depends on your workload, the nature of your work and your level of experience. The higher your workload and the more stressful the nature of your work, eg working with traumatised or abused clients, the more supervision you are likely to need.
Counselling Supervision
(Face to Face, Telephone, Skype) 
60 minutes 120 minutes
Trainee Therapists £60 £100
Qualified Therapists
£90 £150
Face to Face Therapies in Twickenham, West London.  Empowering Therapies also by Telephone and Skype 
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